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Vashti Hodge

I trained as a Window and Event Dresser and then later on in life as a Psychotheraputic Counsellor. These two professions, I feel, have set me up to be your perfect Celebrant: Listening, hearing, creating, and paying attention to the smallest details. As a window and event dresser, attention to detail was key to my work. Planning and preparation were very important, everything needed to be designed and thought about before anything could be started. It also taught me to be able to think on my feet, be imaginative, improvise and solve problems. It was all about creating visions.

Life is short and I believe it’s about living in the moment. I didn’t want to be limited by imagination, so with my love of life and people, I trained as an Independent Celebrant with the Fellowship of Independent Celebrants. This enables me to create lasting memories of significant events in people’s lives.



Your ceremony will be planned to the tiniest detail, with as many or as few elements in as you wish. It will be the part of your day that all you will have to do is be there and enjoy!

In order to create your imaginative ceremony, I’ll need to get to know you and build a relationship with you. This is paramount to me and I believe one of my strengths and really helps me to make your day special to just you. It’s also where your dream will start.

I am open to whatever my couples and families want. My ethos is about listening to the people I am meeting and really hearing what they have to say and want then turning all that I learn from them into something special just for them.


I Really Love…


I am a romantic! I believe in love, marriage and celebrating those incredible moments in life that hopefully, we all get to experience.



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