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Salvina Macari

My background is in complementary health – both as a health practitioner and tutor. Today, you may say that most have at very least an idea of what this is and therapies are household names. But thirty years ago, being successful in this field was pushing the boundaries of the ‘norm’ and any success was deemed to be extraordinary. Working with people at such close proximity both mentally and physically I realised that people’s health was never just about their symptoms. In short, my work evolved as did I, into a much more spiritual approach.

Spirituality is an appreciation of the gift of life and nature….. so it is encompassing of all denominations. Religion is an acknowledgement of a higher power and every religion has its own interpretation of that Higher power. So in effect they are all doing the same. So whatever your belief system or religion, I can deliver accordingly.

My ceremonies therefore can be as religious or non religious as you wish. Traditional or contemporary, in a location of your choice – indoors or outdoors.
So in conclusion, the appeal of being a celebrant is twofold. For one, it gives me the opportunity to push the boundaries from the ordinary to the extraordinary and have NO LIMITATIONS other than your imagination. Secondly it gives me the huge privilege of being able to create beautiful and unique services for all those important rites of passage.



I am able to offer what is desired and exceed expectations…

Whether it be a naming service, wedding, handfasting, vow renewal or funeral.
Allow me to assist you in creating a truly bespoke service with love, devotion, creativity and sensitivity.

Brightest blessings


I Really Love…


From the Traditional to Contemporary – I aim to push the ordinary to the extraordinary.



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