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Richard Lockwood

I have been closely associated with the Leicester Progressive Spiritualist Church for many years, and have been honoured to be asked to celebrate many funeral services through this church. I joined the FOIC in 2016 with the intention of adding further funeral service options to my list, and as a result I am delighted to have access to a comprehensive support network where other likeminded celebrants can share tips and offer advice.

I live in a pretty Leicestershire village and often garner inspiration for my services whilst walking my dog through the fields and surrounding meadows.



Over 15 years’ experience writing and delivering funeral services – all of which are individually tailored to deliver a truly personal tribute. I am a firm believer that when we lose someone dear to us, not only should we mourn their passing, but we should also celebrate their life.

Bespoke Celebrations of Life are what you will get from me.

I Really Love…

…to add a touch of humour where appropriate, and to consider fitting additions to the service. It is important that the family get involved where possible, and where children are invited, I simply love the elements that the young can bring to a celebration of life.



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