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Naomi Keir

 Naomi has a gentle, passionate manner and will listen and carefully note every detail of the celebration you require, crafting your wishes into something you will cherish for years to come.

Naomi has a NOCN Level 3 Certificate in Civil Celebrancy, as well as academic degrees in culture, education, and design thinking. 


Naomi’s background in design thinking and culture, as well as her years as a teacher, give her a distinctive skill set that she will use to your advantage.  She is particularly good at combining the traditional with all the things that are distinct about you and packaging them into a presentation that is perfect for your particular wishes.  

Naomi’s driving force is your satisfaction, and she ultimately wants to give you the unique and exceptional day you deserve and desire.

Funeral services – At this most difficult time for you and your family, Naomi is there to support you, and work closely with you to create a beautiful ceremony that celebrates and cherishes your loved one and the memories they have gifted you.

Wedding & Handfasting services – Your day should be as individual as you are.  Using Naomi means you can have almost any location of your choosing and include the things that make the two of you so special.  Together you will create the most memorable event that is like no one else’s, because no one else is like you.

I Really Love…

…Taking the time to really get to know my clients, listen to everything they have to say and offer the care and support for their celebration from beginning to end.


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