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Karen Marshall-Falland

My professional background is 35 years of Nursing, including critical care, Health Visiting and safeguarding children. This was a very privileged time of my life working with the most amazing colleagues and clients. This is continuing through my work as a celebrant.

Life has been incredibly kind to me but has also thrown me the odd curve ball to challenge my resilience. However, it has moulded me into the person I am today and I want to use that wisdom and experience to support you to celebrate the most special moments in your lives.

On a personal level I am in my 50’s with the energy and enthusiasm of a 23 year old!!! I am lucky enough to have been with my soul mate for over 30 years (he must be a saint!!), we produced two awesome girls who we are very proud of, one has provided us with grandchildren and the other with ‘sausage dogs’ …..

I love being an embarrassing mum, my grand bairns, music, writing, running, chinook helicopters, thinking of myself as a cool surfer (when I can only bodyboard!!) and basically having as much fun as I can!!!

Pet hates are rudeness, tomato ketchup, rhubarb and car drivers who don’t indicate!!!


‘cause I’m a redneck woman, I ‘ain’t no high class broad, I’m just a product of my raisin’. And I say “hey y’all “ and  “yee Haw” …….

Gretchen Wilson



The celebrant for your service should be someone with whom you have a ‘connection’ with, Someone you can relate to, trust, share your feeling and thoughts with. This will allow you to create the service, unique to you – unlike any one you have been to before (In a good way!!)

My role, as an ‘Independent civil Celebrant’ is to walk alongside you, or scoop you up and put you under my nurturing wing if that’s what you need.  You will be fully supported to, find and formulate the right personal words to say, be it your thoughts and/or poems and readings which suit your style. Together we will express EXACTLY what YOU want to say at your celebration, regardless of what chapter of your life you are in.


“It’s only words, and words are all I have to take your heart away….”

Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb


I Really Love…

… ceremonies that give most pleasure, regardless of size or budget – the ones that fill the room with “Kama-Muta”

What is that I hear you say?

Kama-Muta is Sanskrit for “moved by love”

Love is an incredibly powerful emotion which can take us completely by surprise at times.

What does Kama-Muta feel like?

It ranges from a mild form, which is a ‘warm and fuzzy feeling’ to more intense feelings including tears, chills, thrills and goosebumps, lumps in your throat and an expression of awwww this is followed by a feeling of buoyancy or exhilaration!!!

Imagine if we can write a service that allows you to express how you feel about a loved one and ‘moves’ everyone present at the ceremony or service. You will be reassured that you have shared your thoughts and feelings in their truest and most personal form.

You will also have given the congregation that gift of love which will keep their spirits up whenever they remember the day! – you will have such a sense of satisfaction knowing that you did that!!!

Fill the room with Kama-Muta ………


“Have I told you lately that I love you…..?”

Van Morrison



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