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Jenny Hayes

Jenny is a master in her field, with an eye for design and an incredible attention to detail. Her signature movements of style, grace, flow and simplicity hold everyone in her presence and radiate a light that bring joy and warmth to any occasion. 
She specialises in Luxury Weddings travelling both far and wide within England and abroad. No stone is left unturned and together Jenny makes the whole process absolutely beauty-full and full of love. 


Being able to connect deeply with your celebrant and know that you are in the hands of a beholding angel is just the beginning of your foundational relationship working together with Jenny. 
Wherever you may choose in the world in whichever location, whatever time of the year with however many guests is of no consequence to Jenny. She will be there whole-heartedly in full, delivering what is needed for all in that moment. This day is a celebration of you both and the union you share.

I Really Love…

People, style, light, gentleness, playfulness and presence.


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