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Jennie Lichfield

I have been in health, wellness and spiritual care for over 25 years. I am known for my soothing, sensitive, caring response to all situations, bringing a sense of calm to proceedings.

As a therapist, counsellor and meditation teacher I have helped hundreds of people reach their dreams by understanding what they need to help lift them up, what it takes to flourish as a human being and how to gently guide people through what can often be difficult times.

It is this keen ability to listen that sets me apart from many others. 


When Jennie speaks at a service, she has an innate ability to include every person in the room. She listens to her audience, empathises with their needs and speaks with an engaging and light hearted touch. 

As a Buddhist chaplain in the prison service I evoke a spiritual presence that encompasses those of all faiths and none, offering an alternative viewpoint to more traditional environments. 


I Really Love…

…being known for my great sense of integrity, reliability and attention to detail. 


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