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Glenda Procter

Glenda was a founder member of FOIC. Fellowship of Independent Celebrants and is on the management team. She tutors the NOCN ‘Wedding Course’ Level 3 and Diploma.

Glenda created Cloud9ceremonies in 2012  following retirement from the Registration service where she worked as a marriage registrar for several years. Disenchanted with the  lack of ‘love’ in civil and church services she decided to create things differently!

Glenda now has no rule book – there are no rules when it comes to creating and making a ceremony with you both.

Glenda is an  award winning celebrant –  for a very good reason. She creates thoughtful, romantic and joyous ceremonies for all to participate in !

The high ceremony fee reflects her experience and knowledge. Her confidence and ability to deliver your Wedding Ceremony with charm and in a well spoken, truly English voice will have your guests listening intently. Only when you are completely satisfied with every word of your ceremony will it be ‘signed off ‘ for delivery.

Her couples love her and have written testimonials to support and praise her work.

Glenda understands that some couples seek anonymity and so is more than happy to sign a NDA. Non Disclosure Agreement.



Hello! My name is Glenda Procter of cloud 9 ceremonies based in the South East of England. At cloud 9 ceremonies my aim is to take you to cloud9 on your special day.

The location for your wedding may determine you choosing me. I specialize in outdoor spiritual heartfelt ceremonies including all styles of Handfastings. Handfastings can be included in a Traditional English Wedding Ceremony or form a ‘mash’ between old and new. I create festival style celebrations and those within ancient stone circles. I am equally at home in the formal environment of a stately home or grand residence. It is the words that are said and the actions that are taken that will ensure your Wedding Ceremony is memorable.

It is my goal as the person who conducts your ceremony, to share a very intimate, personal, spiritual moment in your life.It will be your day conducted in the way you want, free of the restrictions of church, registration office or your parents!

I am a curious celebrant! Yes, curious to listen to your love story, your dreams and your wishes to enable me to create and deliver your perfect ceremony of love. If you want a ceremony as unique as you both are, then lets talk to discuss the multitude of options available to you.

Yes – I may well overwhelm you with ideas but some you will not be for ‘you’,others you will contemplate and lots you will just love! Your finalised ceremony will be one that reflects your personalities, tells your love story, in a sincere and heartfelt way. Your ceremony will be talked about for the rest of the day and for a long time to come, for all the right reasons. It will be a ceremony to celebrate your love, your lives, your spirituality and embrace your families, friends and community. Everyone you love united in joy and happiness to witness the start of your new life together, as husband and wife.

As you have found your true match Glenda hopes she will be your celebrant match.

My Goal at cloud9 ceremonies is to create a ceremony that is at the heart of your wedding day. To take you and your guests to cloud9 and deliver a truly memorable celebration”.


I Really Love…

“Love is what motivates me. I love what I do and do what I love.”

I love, love. Love my job and many other things. I love, a good ‘cuppatea’ and love to walk on a sandy beach close to where I live and feel the sand between my toes. I love animals, particularly dogs and horses – and love it when they attend the ceremonies I conduct! I love and value life my life having been so close to losing it. I love my husband and stayed true to my wedding vows ‘for better or for worse’. He proposed to me over the telephone on 7.7.77 when a DJ on the radio said do something special today!

All my past life experiences have led me to be where I am today. I qualified as a secondary school teacher in the 70’s. I then become a British Airways stewardess flying long haul and travelling the world. I was one of a number of BA personality girl representing the airline at prestigious events and delivering public appearances and talks. I stopped working for others when I started our family. Having two small children led me to diversify and run my own business from home. For several years I was involved in network marketing and became an area trainer. This led me to qualify in Life Coaching through the Open University. In later years I qualified and became an Energy Healer and tutor.

A fun fact, I am a gardener but do not know the names of any plants! Never ask me to sing unless you want to join me in the shower! I am also a fifth diamential Healer and Energy worker. I originally qualified in Reiki healing but now work on a 5th diametrial healing.

I am a trained practitioner and teacher of  Energy Healing qualified and acredited with KIHA.

” Love is the key that opens the heart. It has no maps and has no limits. Love means devotion to each other through the years and across the miles.”

It all about you two not me! You will be the centre of attention not me! Your beliefs your family traditions and your spiritual beliefs will be at the heart of your celebration.

I will meet with you, listen to you, hear your dreams for your day. Whether your day is going to be Traditional English or the complete opposite I will then offer ideas and create a skeleton framework on which we can start to make those ideas come true. I will then design a ceremony that will reflect your lives and love. Whether your tastes are traditional or Bohemian, we can together create a romantic romantic ceremony for you.

Your ceremony should be about you; your love, your family, your friends, your day. I will ensure everyone that is important to you both feels included on the day and part of your ceremony.  Over the years, I have created and delivered hundreds of ceremonies- each bespoke to my couples. No two are identical, just as no two couples are the same.

Glenda is equally at home in a robe within a stone circle in the outdoors at dawn, as she is elegantly dress in a gracious Stately ballroom, lit by candlelight.

Wherever you plan or choose to celebrate your special love; whether it be just the two of you or joined by a crowd of friends in a field, a castle, on a beach or in some exotic location.


Glenda will be with you both for the whole of your wedding ceremony planning and throughout your special day. She with will guide and advice.Listen and take lots of notes!

She will be available for unlimited time to create your perfect ceremony for you her perfect couple.


Glenda has been described as the ‘Queen of Handfastings’ among celebrants conducting Handfastings. Glenda has created and conducted numerous Handfastings in many different locations, in many different forms.

Handfasting is becoming increasingly popular with many couples and can be included as a small ritual within your traditional wedding or as a stand alone ceremony.

Glenda has conducted Handfastingssat historic venues such as Herstmonceux and Crom Castles to name a few and also attends the legendry Glastonbury Music Festival. She has also conducted ceremonies within the inner circle at Stonehenge, Avebury Circle and Rollright stones.

If you are celebrating love in engagement, marriage or the number of year a couple have been together then a Handfasting maybe just what you seek. Glenda has built a reputation for fun, romantic and thoughtfully endearing ceremonies. Each ceremony is personal to reflect the spirituality of her couples.


Deciding on a Celebrant for your special ceremony is not easy – you want everything to be perfect- and I can promise you a ceremony which will meet your highest expectations. Love is the driving force behind my work and why I love what I do. Your wishes will be respected as I guide and advise you in creating a perfect ceremony.

Let me create a day full of lasting memories, not for the brides dress, father’s speech or the party but the lasting memory of a sincere and beautiful ceremony of celebration. Delivered eloquently, warmly and with the right amount of solemnity and humour.

“A celebrant is the key to a memorable ceremony that has no limits. A celebrant will be devoted to you both throughout the planning and creation of your ceremony.”

Why not choose cloud9ceremonies? After all your internet searching you have found a truly lovely experienced and capable independent celebrant.Cloud9 ceremonies is called that for the very simple reason its takes all its coupes to cloud9.

Contact Glenda to start your journey to cloud9.If you want a ceremony delivered with warmth and sincerity and that is fun, exciting and enjoyed not endured by  your guests then Glenda will be happy to create and work with you.

Anything you dream of including in your day can be woven into your ceremony. Every word spoken will be shared and approved, so no surprises. You’ll want to make sure that you find someone who is willing to perform the kind of ceremony you are envisioning, or who has a style and belief system similar to your own.

Finding the right person to conduct your ceremony is an important decision – after all, they will have a huge influence on the tone of the ceremony. Together you will want certain things to be said, stories to be shared and will have an image of the person they want present at the most intimate, personal, spiritual moment of your lives.



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