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Diane Walker

All my working life has been spent using words, both written and spoken, to convey the history of real people and their lives in a way which keeps their memories fresh and vibrant. I spent over 35+ years working in museums and heritage, finding the different ways to illuminate someone’s life and tell their story to a wide range of audiences.

With a background in history and archaeology, I embrace the ceremonies, celebrations and rituals that every culture, throughout the millennia, have chosen to mark the milestones in a life. They reflect universal truths that are as relevant and important today, as they have always been. We all have a need to honour the deep and meaningful connections that we make with each other at different stages in life. For many, they resonate with a sense of something greater than all of us, but whatever your beliefs, they all embody the love between family and friends.

On a personal level, having experienced the loss of loved ones and dealing with life threatening illness, enables me to extend a gentle hand to the bereaved families I work with. I walk with you on your journey as we work together to create a bespoke service which allows you to say farewell in the way that you want to.

When working with couples for wedding or vow renewal celebrations, I bring to the table the experience of over 30+ years growing old disgracefully with my soulmate as we create a ceremony full of hopes and dreams and a healthy dash of reality!


My role is to give you a voice and it is an incredible honour to create a service to welcome a new life, celebrate the day when two people choose to embark on a lifelong adventure or to bid farewell to someone who has been well loved.

A Dragonfly ceremony has you, whether as an individual or a couple, or your loved one, at the heart of it. Each one is unique, personal and a celebration of love, whichever milestone you are marking. Each is a beautiful blend of music, poetry and prose written and crafted just for you and only you.

My Ceremony Style & Ethos

The important milestones in a lifetime are marked by ceremonies and celebrations which we share with our family and friends. Milestones help make us who we are and we undertake them in a way which states publicly what we believe in, what matters most to us and what our hopes and dreams are.

Families and communities have ceremonies to welcome new members, to mark marriages and to bid farewell at the end of a life. In our modern society there are other milestones that we may wish to mark too, such as the end of a marriage and making a new start or perhaps becoming the person you were meant to be.

As an independent celebrant my role is to create and deliver the ceremonies which accompany these rites of passage in a way which is entirely unique to you. Ceremonies and celebrations can be semi-religious, spiritual or secular, based upon your beliefs, and elements from different traditions can be combined to create something that is perfect for you.

It is important to me that I spend time getting to know you so that I can understand what you want your special ceremony to include and how you want it to ‘feel’. Draft versions of your ceremony are provided to make sure it is ‘just right’, and after your ceremony you will receive a presentation keepsake copy.


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