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Charlotte Simpson

I’m a writer, a storyteller, a performer, a maker, a scribbler and I’m also someone who cares deeply. It’s an honour to be involved in such precious moments of other people’s lives and to tell their stories.  

Here’s my bio in a nutshell: I studied English at Cambridge – loved the course, spent loads of time writing and directing plays, sometimes slept when I shouldn’t have, often felt like a fish out of water. I taught street children in Ecuador and young offenders in Holloway Prison before settling down for a career as a BBC Radio Four producer.

I’ve always written – from plays and stories to poems and picture books – but the BBC gave me colleagues, fantastic experiences and a steady income!

After a career break to have my daughters, I somehow knew I’d be selling myself short if I went back to the BBC – just to do more of the same. I’d made some very interesting programmes but, as a celebrant, I make things that are beautiful.

I live in rural Cheshire with my soulmate, David, our two little girls, Allegra and Stella, three cats, three gerbils and countless unfortunate invertebrates that my children imprison in glass jars until we discover and release them…


The words you speak to each other on your wedding day will go with you both for the rest of your lives. You’ll wear your vows deep under your skin. And there will be days to come when those words return to you – a quiet voice that whispers in your ear and shows you the path to tread together.

So we’d better make sure those promises are just right – for you.

I’ll take time to find out what makes you tick and to understand what makes your love so special. It might feel when we first meet that you’re the ones doing all the talking – but that’s OK because I’ll be listening to everything you’re saying and the ideas will already be fizzing and popping away in my head!

After we’ve met I’ll go away and start drafting out ideas to find the perfect shape for your ceremony. My fee includes as many re-writes as it takes I won’t stop working on your ceremony script until I know that you really love it.

I Really Love…

Storytelling, creative writing, theatre, poetry – I aim to make each ceremony a spellbinding event. I also bring design, illustration and craft skills to my work; I give wedding couples a copy of their full ceremony script hand-bound in a unique, hardback book.

A ceremony I create for you will be in your style, not mine. I’ll invest time in getting to know you so I can be sure you’ll love what I write for you. The more you can tell me about how you spend your time, what makes you smile and what drives you up the wall, the easier you make my job.

There’s no limit to the type of ceremony we can create together. As a former journalist, I’ll immerse myself in a subject until I’m (temporarily) an expert. I may never have seen Star Wars, but if you want a Star Wars themed wedding I’ll watch the lot and then give it to you with bells on. I’ll even dress as an Ewok if you want me to…

You’ll get a bit of a sense of my own style from my Instagram page. I love romance and soppiness but I also enjoy dry humour and a touch of high drama.

I can bring a light touch of spirituality or religious traditions to yourceremony but there is such beauty in the human love that almost all celebrant-led ceremonies are about, one way or another, that we can create something sublime from the here-and-now.  


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