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Avril Cherry

I believe it is a privilege to perform this last task for a loved one.  Each Service I structure is unique and very personal in which I strive to capture the individuality and essence of the person who has passed away.   My services express sadness and acknowledge grief but also celebrate the Life in a meaningful way with great respect and dignity.



I am professional. I really care.   I have huge empathy which is the essential ingredient to be a good celebrant..  Planning a funeral service can be very daunting when one is in a highly charged emotional state,  I will help you every step of the way, and cover every aspect, to create a beautiful personal final farewell that is full of love and respect.    The wonderful Testimonials I receive just endorse to me that I have found my real niche in Life and the fact that I give hope and strength to those who are left behind to go forward and begin their new lives is very humbling and gratifying.


I Really Love…

… what I do and learn from every service I structure and conduct. A well prepared Non Religious or part religious service full of detail can give enormous hope for a future without the loved one.



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