Celebrant Information

Phil Martin
Location: Rugby
Distance: 19.8 miles
Weddings: Yes
Handfastings: Yes
Funerals: Yes
Other: Yes
Trained by: FOIC
Insured: Yes

I am Phil Martin and I am a fully trained celebrant in both weddings and funerals.


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My motto is YOUR DAY - YOUR WAY and I make that promise to all my brides and their partners that it will be as close to perfect as I can make it.
I will help you arrange a ceremony, unique to you, that you will always remember. I will guide you through the choosing of the readings, the music , the vows you wish to say to each other and the incorporation of your friends and family, if you so desire. The ceremony can contain traditional elements but it does not have to. You can even 'jump the broomstick' to make sure you are well and truly married.


If your choice is to have a 'themed' wedding, I will even allow myself to be dressed in costume and 'look the part'!

I love performing handfastings and can arrange to conduct the ceremony at standing stones, if you would so desire, although it can be anywhere you choose.

The handfasting cords will be personally made for you, in the colours you choose, with advice given on the relevance of each colour. These cords can incorporate many mediums including cord, ribbon, threads, even some of Grannies wedding dress.

I have even heard of hair from each of the couple being bound in, which would make it extremely personal. The cords are finished with beads and small jewels, again, of your choice.

My funeral ceremonies are tailored to be personal to you and your family. I will visit you at your home and gently guide you through this difficult and emotional time. I will write a ceremony unique to your loved one and it will stem from your memories and your thoughts. You choose the reading, hymns and eulogies if you would like them. Family and friends can be involved as much or as little as choose. I can hold a private service in a chapel of rest or at a crematorium. If you prefer I can conduct the service at one of the beautiful natural burial sites, of which there are many all over the UK and Scotland.
I can also help you to 'pre-plan' your own 'future' funeral. I will visit and talk to you about what you would like at your own funeral. You can plan it down to the last detail. Family members can also be included in these preparations so that they can carry out your final wishes when the time comes.